Do you give attention to marijuana should be legalized for personal use?

Marijuana has never have a case of overdose while Alcohol have had frequent and its legal. Marijuana is an herb and can be well-mannered for depression, trouble going to sleep, and nausea. etc. Why is it illegal? I connote it doesnt impair you anymore then alcohol does and it relaxes you too. Also it works virtuous as a pain reliever. What do ya'll give attention to?

totally, and if scientifical studies were ever done between marjuana and alcohol we know marijuana would be legalized. i've see it work in individual w/my older brother who, after the persian gulf period of war, was prescribed marijuana to serve him become mentally stable. my plea is that it's better than alcohol! i don't think i've ever hear of an addict to marijuana. can alcohol influence the same? oh, and if anyone ask.i plea the 5th!
i'd be ok beside legalizing it. it have about like peas in a pod effects as alcohol...probably cheaper too. i don't think it matter if it's legalized or not...tons of people use it anyways
i agree. it is intensely good for you. I come up with the federal levels are realize it slowly slowly.
unless you want to have anal sex near howard stern
I would be manner of okay with it. When you look at the statistics, weed is truly safer than ciggarettes,alcohol, and even fast food too. As long as ancestors dont drive while high.
Actually yes, I do consider that marijuana should be legalized for personal use. Since our society is trying to have everybody on some form of medication (i.e. antidepressants, etc.), why not allow individuals to have something that's at least possible not synthetic. Why? Because the drug companies would rather seize rich off of us, that's why.
I devise it should be a legal for those who are not at your best and suffer from chronic pain. It will never be leagal because theres no channel for the government to brand money off of it and they won't know how to regulate it.
Yes, It should be legal.
1.The simply healthy track to use marijuana is to eat it.
2. It will never become trial with out policy regulation.
3. It is healthier for you if eat, in comparison to alcohol or cigarettes.
3. Cigarettes should be unofficial. They kill family and chemicals are added with scholarship and approval of the government.
4. There are smaller number deaths surrounded by this country from marijuana then set deaths from vaccination! We are more concerned about our children using unauthorized drugs, when lethal, senate regulated(FDA & CDC) injections are given daily!
5. It is unendorsed because at this point it would be difficult for the government to regulate it. (PM & GW hold common intrests!!)
Hope I own answered your question and given you something to feel about!
Not everyone believes the enumerate of benefits you gave for m.j.
Are you asking "isn't it so upright that people should be allowed to use it?" or
"Is it so safe...etc.?"
"Is it less injurious than other things?"
"Is it the government's business what we smoke?"
"Is this another case where on earth we should make the edict because it's our own body?" or
"Is there an unspoken principle why it's illegal?"

It's be made illegal contained by the 1930s or 1940s because it competed with alcohol as an intoxicant and it be impossible for liquor or beer companies to control who "made" it, since it grows. After being made unofficial, those companies spread lies in the media and movies they made that it was a appalling drug that drove people to do crazy things. They get these ideas from watching drunks. Eventually a colossal number of Americans believed the lies.
A few years ago, Ann Landers, the advice columnist showed she believed the lies.

What m.j. probably does to be precise not popular with parents is that it reduce motivation, so pot smoking teens don't try hard to excel. They also payment less attention to rules. Parents who want their kids to complete like the certainty that it is still illegal. This is more impressive tha the fact that it reduce combativeness (fighting).

Older people who might catch medical benefits from m.j. are told that "setting a bad example" for youth is more meaningful than improving robustness, and (for reasons I can't understand), m.j. can't become a prescription item.

I transpire to think that something should be proven insalubrious before individual banned, close to cigarettes or hard liquor, but since those things are not unsanctioned, the anti-m.j. laws are bonkers.

Freedom is a sneaky entity; the freedom to smoke and drink is likely, in the future, to lead to the freedom to ingest marijuana.
I hope I live that long.
yes sir
First of agree to me disqualify myself as any " Reliable source" what I'm about to vote is just one laymens view :)

Marajuana is a weed, it grows wild, and wishes very little maintance. If marajuana be to be made legal, I'm sure in that would be marajuana plants/ trees everywhere. I.e. empty lots, playgrounds ect... any accessible place where weed could grow. The mere accessability could potentially crate all kind of problems.

example: Anyone of any age could easily aquire it. Smoke it and waddle around in a daze.

example: Some nuckelheaded 12 year prehistoric, could spark up a joint, and pace out into traffic.

example: People trying to quite the usage of it ( junkies)
would enjoy one heck of a time quitting ( and everyone whose ever gotten " hooked" on marijuana has have a heck of a time quitting.

Just imagine if " alchohol" where on earth available free everywhere, at all times to anyone?

So, primarily what I'm saying here is that marijuana, unlike alcohol, could never be " Controlled" .

Also: I lately wanna say, the smoking of marijuana is not a brand new thing, I'm 47 years frail I use to smoke in my youth, my dad smoked contained by his youth, as did his dad, and his dad ect..

Marijuana does cause long continuing impairment . as is evident by the simple certainty that you can tell a pothead merely by process they look, and talk, and behave, even when in attendance not high. Pot is not non-hazardous, and it is addictive. if you do smoke weed, Please don't smoke and drive !
No, except for medical purposes. Alcohol and cigarettes are one thing, pot is another. Everyone that get into hardcore drugs starts on pot because they think it isn't that bleak... and then such-and-such isn't that much worse than pot... and so on, and subsequent thing you know they're addicted to something seriously worse than that. And I'm not just man paranoid, I know people that own been near and done that. Getting over it is hard, except impossible.

Compared to alcohol, I'd still say pot is worse. Alcohol have beneficial physical effects that pot doesn't. Taken moderately, red wine improves heart form and, for my dad anyway, Guinness prevents stomach ulcers. Anything taken to excess is discouraging for you, whether it's alcohol or drugs or chocolate. But really, pot has no polite effects except to make you "jolly." (That's why it's good for depression and such, but if it become legal it should be similar to a prescription drug, because it works approaching one.) One smoke will make you dignified; one drink doesn't really affect your judgment.
Since the law banning marijuana use be originally put together in direct to oppress & expel mexican & former slave plant workers ('cause they couldnt afford alcohol after a hard days work, and grew maryjane for relaxing after a long day)

Alcohol should any become illegal again, or marijuana should be sold at regulated shops fro recreational & medical users... I contemplate the later is more credible, but I'm afraid most of our legislature can't tell the difference between meth & marijuana, and will verbs flushing money down the toilet & killing/improsoning otherwise law-abiding folks until something really really big happens to show everyone how messed up this drug period of war is.
legalize it!! I love it, it's the one and only way i can sleep sometimes. But i know a few population who really over use it and they've fried there brains, so its great, but within small doses :)
Yes, marijuana should definitely be legalized. It have a lot of benificial properties. I agree it is smaller amount dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes and nearby has never be a case of overdose because it's impossible to go and get overdosed on weed unless you smoke like a 30 foot blunt. It does relieve with depression but have to be taken in moderate doses. To whoever said it's addictive, I suggest you do your reasearch again.
I regard as it should be legalized. As for the medicinal uses, I use it, but I smoke recreationally also. It is not a pain reliever, but have many other uses, you planned a few, muscle spasms can be added to the list, along beside using it as an appetite stimulant. Many people who suffer severe torment, do not have an appetite, as healthy food is needed for a healthy body, pot provides the stimulus to devour. I've smoked for 35yrs, and in that timeframe, I enjoy never encountered a violent/angry toker, but I cannot right to be heard the same on the subject of alcohol, as many individuals become just that when drinking. I live surrounded by a state that allows marijuana use for medicinal reasons, and I fully support that. There will come a time when it is legalized, I hope it happen in my lifetime.
true.i guess. i also enjoy this supid theory that the thriving white people own been using drugs to create a civil time of war in minority communities...similar to ever notice how we see minorities getting arrested for selling drugs but the white drug lords never bring back any attention?.coincidence? i think not.

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