Are colonics worth it?

It's a scam. Good for the people who SELL them.
Useless surplus of money for you.

"Impacted feces build up on the walls of the colon and slow down digestion."
This is a lie. It's only one of the lies that the colonics industry spreads to scare relatives into thinking they need this useless "therapy".
Sure. For the party you are handing your money over to.
not really, but the benefits are okay. I do it here within the south Louisiana area for $60. come on, I can purchase an enema paraphernalia for around $10 and do the job myself. I devise I get a thrill step to those sessions.
Yes, I totally think so. I am an alternative healer, and I receive colonics.

Colon irrigation have been around forever. Its similar to cleaning out the pipes.

With the diets that most humans have today, import less fiber and inbred foods, and more processed/fast foods, it is more important very soon than ever to receive colonics for preventative health nurture measures.

Impacted feces build up on the walls of the colon and slow down digestion. This also distorts the shape of the colon which further inhibits good digestion and is toxic!

If you don't believe how much impacted feces you hold in your colon, a short time ago go and own it done. You will see for yourself! In extreme cases, some people hold had up to 30 lbs surrounded by impacted feces be cleansed out. Seriously! For most normal joes those, its more similar to 2 lbs., but it depends on the person and their diet.

After your colonics, trademark sure to drink lots of water to save flushing out the toxins, and also take acidophilus to put final the good microbes in your digestive tract. Your colon hydrotherapist will probably recommend that to you.

Good luck, you will discern better!

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