Hi, is here anything i can embezzle for gum infection instead of taking antibiotics , gratitude?

You can use clove and drink herbal teas. I read one response where a poster advise to gargle with essential oil - DO NOT do this! People have died from ingesting essential grease herbal concoctions. Be advised though, you necessitate something to draw the infection out if you are not going to take antibiotics to eradicate it. Hot compresses soaked contained by Epsom Salt applied outside the affected nouns will help surrounded by conjunction with gargle warm saline water. I enjoy also heard of applying soaked green tea stacks to affected areas surrounded by the mouth for healing (caffeine free).

I hope your gums get the impression better & good luck!
Cordosyl mouth valet is for gum infections, you can buy at the chemists, Tesco,. Asda
Hi, a brilliant anti-fungal and anti-bacterial gel you can is called Daktarin Oral Gel.
Ask for it at the pharmacy counter as you cant of late buy it off the shelf
I enjoy had mouth ulcer all my time and use this. It kills stale infections really quickly and can even aid with sore throats as ably.
It also tastes of ginger so it isnt that bad to use unlike some other gel

Hope this helps
mouth dust? sault water since.
corsadol gargle this a few times a year i know what you mean i abominate taking anti biotics too
Try gargling near about 6 drops of Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil in a cup of wet. your nose will detail you which will work best. The one that you prefer the smell of is least probable to have any adverse effects, but both will do the work. If it persists after a week, switch oil and they will attack the problem from a different angle... Something antibiotics can NEVER do !
Eat loads of raw garlic within addition to what you choose to help yourself to (apparently you can get used to the strength of it), if you extremity up taking those horrible antibiotics, take a dutiful quality pro-biotic supplement (not those stupid yoghurt drinks they are no good) afterwards to replace adjectives the good germs that they will have kill off, also try to detox to obtain rid of their toxic residue.
Chlorhexadine mouth wash, 10ml gargle (and not swallowed) twice a day at a different time to brushing, should reorganize the condition but the need for antibiotics would depend on the severity of the infection. To prevent re-occurrence you should look at the route you brush you teeth.
Try some oil of clove, clove help with the infection and cramp. The Indians have be doing this for Ions.
The best thing surrounded by the world is salty hose. Gargle for 20 seconds 2 or 3 times a daytime. It kills germs by a process called plasmolysis. Basically, the flavoursome water is more concentrated than the fluid contained by the bacterial cells. By gargle with it you are forcing hose to leave the microbes down a potential gradient. It "dries" the germs out really, killing them.
I've be doing this for years and it does work. Makes you feel a bit sick though!!

Science down it:

ditto with above responses,.....Also, Look up Pro-Biotics instead of antibiotics as they are not deleterious like antibiotics can be over time.
TRY Ganozhi toothpaste. It does not contain saccharin (an artificial sweetener) and colouring. It contains lofty quality Ganoderma extract (a hemocatharsis, detoxicant, diuretic, liver protector, intestine regulator, cardiotonic, blood pressure adjustor, a cold tonic, antitussive and expectorant, a tranquilizer, an anti-tumor), food gel, menthol and food flavouring. It can effectively cleanse your teeth thus disappearing a pleasant taste surrounded by your mouth. It also makes your teeth and gums improved and brighter. You can also apply it to the gums using cotton buds.

Hope this could be of help.

DENS : - )
Eating something brackish or gargling near salt marine at least 3 time per time will solve the problem.
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