Can yoghurt be used to treat thrush ? Im sure thats what a Dr said on here past?

Absolutely! Once I was too poor to afford Yeast Infection Treatment and I read for a homeopathic remedy to soak a tampon within plain yogurt for an hour and insert it. It totally worked, GONE! Is this for a baby though? You might own to leave the yogurt within the mouth for an hour or so, maybe put it on a soft cloth and rub the inside of the mouth benevolently two or three times every hour for the day, I conjecture It should work! Let me know!
Yes...plain yoghurt.
yes i think its something to do beside the coldness calms the itch and the devout bacteria surrounded by the yoghurt (has to be plain bio yoghurt) help treat the yeast infection. canesten duo also works, its a cream and oral pill and works really in good health, and antibiotics usually dont work as the thrush can return and be resistent to them.
YES, YES, Y E S....
Yes...but if you don't like can buy acidophiles(sp)
surrounded by the pill form suppliment at Wal-mart

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