What is the difference between chia seed and salba seed / why is salba double the price ?

Answers:    Huh... I never knew. I a moment ago did a search, and it turns out they are similar strains of plant, but within are a lot of differences. Salba's website have a list at http://www.salba.info/salba_vs_chia.html

The differences between Salba(R) and Chia are significant:

Salba(R) is nutritionally consistent
Salba(R) is consistently high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids than adjectives chia
Salba(R) is consistently higher within Protein than common chia
Salba(R) is more aesthetically appealing surrounded by food preparation
Salba(R) has consistently highly developed water incorporation capacity than adjectives chia
Salba(R) is white in color / adjectives chia is mostly black
Salba(R) has white flowers / adjectives chia has blue/purple flowers
Salba(R) is grown beneath strictly controlled conditions
Salba(R) is the only registered range of Salvia hispanica L

Most importantly,

Salba(R) is the only registered multiplicity of Salvia hispanica that has undergone intensive human clinical nouns

Salba(R) is an evidence based crop and the simply type of Salvia hispanica L. for which there are both NUTRIENT and HEALTH CLAIMS. In acute and long-term clinical studies conducted on individuals next to Type 2 Diabetes, Salba(R) reduced after-meal blood glucose and plasma insulin levels, thereby on the way insulin sensitivity, reduced blood pressure, and was powerful in reducing risk factor of heart disease, such as body inflammation (C-reactive protein (CRP) and coagulation factors (aspirin-like effect). Salba(R) IS THE FIRST AND ONLY GRAIN EVER STUDIED TO HAVE SHOWN THESE RESULTS.

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