CFS, Panic Disorder & Caffiene?

I'm not sure, but I think I may hold Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as I'm totally exausted the entire day even after a full night sleep & all I want to do is sleep adjectives day.

I AM sure I get panic attacks lol. (I'm merely a mess lol)

So....I've lived on caffine (diet soft drinks) since I was a kid. But I finally reach a point I can't deal beside the panic attacks so I go cold turkey on caffine (ouch) and now sleep 24/7 lol.

Is in attendance ANYTHING out there that works similar to caffine that won't construct your who system a wreck & cause frenzy attacks the way caffine does? Something that will provide you energy but not bring in you a wreck???

Please don't mention "doctors" been to a ton of them & adjectives they say is "your fine it's surrounded by your head" (well I guess their right in some respects lol..but that still doesn't help out my situation lol) :)

Oh, and I don't think I can pilfer Ginko due to glaucoma & possible risk of anurisums (sorry, know I killed the spelling on that one).


Sounds similar to hypoglycemia to me.
See your doctor. Over the counter and home remedies can be dangerous.
Take anafranil
Go to Walmart or any discount drug store that carry the Spring Valley brand, to the vitamin section. There is a solution vitamin "B Complex with a burst of B 12". It is a sub lingual juice that you put under your tongue for 30 second and then swallow. It is also berry flavored so it doesn't aroma too terribly unpromising. I have chronic fatigue next to my lupus and this helps some.

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