Does anyone steal soft chlorophyll? What is it for and does it relief next to digestive issues (constipation)?

I think I read somewhere that fluid chlorophyll can help aid digestion. Anyone if truth be told take it for digestive issues and have it worked for you?

Chlorophyll is good for the digestive system and is also an vitality booster as well as an internal deodorant that deodorises your interior.

A Yahoo hunt for chlorophyll + "health benefits" will notify you much more.
It is a deodorizer for you body so to speak. It is not for constipation.
it is a blood purifier..cleanses the bood..ridding the body of toxins..which is great for anyone with acne or skin problems..
1 of my friend take those liquid and he go to pu 3 times a day. very soon his all associate of family embezzle that he said very correct.I wanna to buy too for my family.

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