Best road to cart vitamin C and how much?

I have be mixing ascorbic acid within crystal form into iced water, just about 1000mg. I ususally take around 5 grams or so a morning, but more if I have be around sick people. Anyone do anything differently instead? Larger dosage, brand of vitamin, etc.?

Hi Trash Cat
Known also as ascorbic tart, vitamin C is water-soluble and cannot be stored in the body or kept for next use. The body uses what it needs and the rest is passed surrounded by the urine. Thus, it should be taken every day so that you dig up adequate size of this vitamin to stay healthy. Consuming foods glorious in vitamin C is a clearly the perfect approach to fulfill it.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits are great sources of vitamin C. You can also find vitamin C in fresh vegetables similar to tomatoes, cabbage, asparagus, and green leafy vegetables.

As a substitute, you can also take supplements to complete vitamin C requirement surrounded by your body. Natural vitamin C supplements are usually made of rosehips or citrus fruits. These supplements are usually available in tablets or capsule, making it easier for you to acquire sufficient amount of vitamin C; that’s if you don’t have adequate time to eat those fresh foods.

If you mixing ascorbic acerbic in crystal form into iced marine - 1000mg - you get much concentrated composition this can violate your the stomach.
Jason Homan
I take GNC vitamin C 500.
I whip 3 tablets a day after breakfast or lunch.

give you energy and be good around sick people.
i be doing this for 2 yrs now and haven't have a cold since.

from the
from my experience i only help yourself to fruits that are rich in vit.c and it really works i just about get sick.Fruits are smaller quantity expensive and they dont have bleak effects in our body..newly take oranges and other fruits. U can any eat them or formulate them as ur juice.Just try.Goodluck
500 mg three time a morning, because they would not stay in body for long anyway. If you bear Ester-C (with is much better)500mg/day should be good.
foods rich surrounded by vit. c are the best why to consume it.. You can't get to much, are body excretes any extra.. There are masses foods that have mass amounts of vit. c save for just fruits

Whole Food Sources / Serving / Vitamin C (mg)
Sweet red pepper / 1/2 cup, raw/ 141
Strawberries / 1 cup/ 82
Orange / 1 medium/ 70
Brussels sprouts / 1/2 cup/ 68
Broccoli, cooked / 1/2 cup/ 58
Collard greens, cooked/ 1/2 cup/ 44
Grapefruit/ 1/2 prevailing conditions / 44
Cantaloupe/ 1/4 medium/ 32
Cabbage, cooked/ 1/2 cup / 24
Tomato/ 1 medium/ 23
My ND/MD has me and adjectives his patients on 6000mg per day to build hindmost our immune systems and fight stuff rotten. I haven't been sick since I started working beside him because of it. Most mainstream docs make clear to you no, no...that's too much, but are clueless. Even my mom's doc told her that...but she's increased again once I told her what my ND/MD was doing.

Listen to your will bring up to date you when it's time to go up or down. :)


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