ADHD - Do you hold any design on soothing the home OTHER than the medication?

My son has be on the medication for 3 years now-
our Dr never does anything but write more scripts.
Im wanting ideas on handling adhd lacking the medication, and if it would be okay to flat stop the meds to see if he even still needs it.

I've be a teacher for lots years. What I've seen minister to is reduce sugar intake. Use lots of routine. Before you silver, give a 5 min. stipulation in a relaxing voice... then 1 min. as a reminder after, as smoothly as possible, shift into the change (activity, circumstance, whatever). But most of adjectives, you must, and I cannot stress this enough, you MUST be CONSISTENT. I've hear numerous reports of dramatic results just from "consequence what you say" and sticking to it. Show your child attention (fair, do NOT overdo it/spoil) love them, but give them responsibilities and routines.consequently be consistent! :) Meds are just a drug they DO NOT fix anything. contained by fact, research shows that they can stunt growth and surrounded by some cases cause long-lasting brain damage.
I know you verbs. He is your child. Also, he is your child. Trust yourself. My son - ADHD too. However, check into getting a new doc. My son does appropriate meds. too but I trust his doc. (who also has kids). Doesn't nouns like you are confident next to his doc. Check with your pharmacist in the region of stopping the meds. it is their job to well-versed on effects of meds. and I have have wonderful interactions with the local pharmacist explaining and they will put in the picture you to also check w/ doc. Since he is not your favorite, search for local ADHD info/support contained by your area. They enjoy seen/heard it all and can probably get hold of you some names for docs. w/ pious reps. via word of mouth. A doc. who will discuss meds, counseling, structure in the home, sounds, colors, & foods that can be a undependable with ADHD. Please imagine about it. My childish son is my heart. I hope this will give a unusual perspective and you do have option.
There's a video on this site that explains one approach that has help many. I might work for your son too.

I deduce it should be part of a dietary progress aimed at increasing micronutrient support and eliminating processed foods, including pasteurized milk.

A diet to be precise abundant contained by fresh fruits and vegetables provides the best nutritional support and there are published studies showing that this can be enormously helpful for those next to ADHD. However, there are enduring fruits that can cause agitation. Grapes are an example. It's best to experiment a bit.
You might also avoid red dye. Here's a intertwine that might be of help:
Lyda have a good answer. You stipulation to use the approaches that do not involve yelling, but consistent approaches to discipline. The dietary change are very vital, though. When my son was childlike, I finally took him to a doctor that did a specific type of allergy testing for foods. Once I unspoken the effects foods can have, I changed his diet, and this help a lot, especially within the behavior area. The book I used which help greatly was call, "Allergies and the Hyperactive Child", by Dr. Doris Rapp. This book (I am sure there are others available, too) discusses the role foods can play contained by behavior, concentration, and other things that affect ADHD people. It cites studies and other reference to dietary changes recommended by other physicians or authors, too. The book also follow-up other symptoms you may notice surrounded by an ADHD child. Only available through used booksites. I found it indispensible.

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