What is an /-\ss-Hat?

Answers:    An 4sshat is commonly misconceived to be a "tramp" stamp, this assumption is incorrect. An 4sshat is actually a metaphysics compound that be designed by Aristotle in the 18th century, it is a mix of the nucleus of goat feces and the tongue of a small asian woman. It is believed that Aristotle himself stirred the compound into a foreign mixture that soon molded into the form of a (to quote these alien fangled kids slang) "dimes" 4ss. Apparently my nephew tells me that a "dime" is someone beside a "f()ckable ***" and i believe that this was Aristotles intention when he created the 4sshat. Aristotle wore his 4sshat to every social function and he be ridiculed by his peers until he swallowed a gerbil and was sh1tting fur for weeks. Basically an 4sshat is a book on economics.
It's a tattoo located on the lower spinal column just above your fanny

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