Can you buy lortab's nippy and natural on the enternet?

There are ways but most of them are set ups so I would not risk it.
No way, Jose. I've be in the online pharmacy biz for 10 years, so I know what I'm chitchat about.

1. Fast? No, you would hold to go through the long-winded process of filling out an online consultation form, followed by faxing your medical accounts to the OP (Online Pharmacy), followed by a telephone consultation beside an MD.

2. Easy? No, same as above. Due to recent FDA regulations regarding controlled drugs, this process have become somewhat difficult, to say the lowest possible.

Options: overseas pharmacies do, and will ship without an MD's authorization and/or medical files. However, you can nerver be sure about the product - is it the concrete deal, or is it a sugar pill? Then there's US customs; your decree, if not capably packaged, will expected be seized. Not good.

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