Does anyone know natural/herbal remedies for anxiety?

I don't want to take xanax or other addictive meds.

Try Valerian, you can carry it in any pharmacy. It comes contained by capsule form. Heads up, it have a terrible odor to it. It works for some population.
Anything with St Johns wort might give a hand - also Exercise is great for relieving anxiety and depression. Also I work wiht a company that has a product near st johns wort. Let me know if you want more information

Jenn Smith
See a kanieseologist(spell check that). Most can help u next to mental problems by treating u with herbel remedies or supplements. I'm seeing one immediately and put me on some liquid drop stuff that help a lot next to anxiety.
Lavender essential oil works resourcefully as aromatherapy.
Vitamin B Complex is recommended, as well as Valerian Root tablets. You should know how to find both at a pharmacy over the counter. goodluck finding something that works for you!
First off, proper diet and a honourable exercise regime is the best thing. Exercise is a great approach to work off the anxiety. Valerian approaching someone else said is good. I use Shaklee supplements and their Stress Relief Complex is pious for anxiety. It contains 100mg L-theanine, 100mg ashwagandha root extract, 60mg beta sitosterol, and 100mg L-tyrosine. Anxiety is a difficult thing to whip. Figure out the source of the problem and try to find a way to solve or cope near it. Don't be afraid to try Xanax or Paxil for short periods of time- they can be vastly helpful while you numeral out how to handle the situation cause the anxiety. Best of luck
St Johns wort may help (pills or the horribly taste tea), but it takes a long time since results can be felt.

Vitamin B12 is also virtuous. But I am sure a good doctor can advocate also other treatment then xanax, here are medicines around that are not addictive.

Certain kind of meditation help, and within some serious cases also hypnosis.
I use the Bach Flower Remedy STRESS RELIEF spray.

It travels well and when I have need of to chill, just one or two speedy little spray to my tongue. I add a couple of cavernous breaths and I am good to shift.
diet and exercise. That's the only approach. Your brain needs food to build neurotransmitters. Anxiety is a reproving bell, telling you you're not getting plenty of the right foods.
Try an essential oil diffuser, or use 10 to 15 drops per table spoon of mover oil and put on your temple or underneath your nose. here is a inventory of qualities different oil have, for more info and moral prices check out this website.
Anxiety, relieves= cedar wood atlas, geranium
Balancing= Rose absolute, spearmint, spruce
Calming=cedar wood, chamomile, coriander, lavender, myrrh, peppermint, tangerine, vetiver, ylang ylang
Emotions, lift=anise, bergamont, basil
Emotional blocks, release off=spearmint, spruce, bergamont
Emotional trauma/shock, recuperate from=vetiver, bergamont
Energizing=nutmeg, basil
Exhaustion= cinnamon leaf
Mental clarity=basil, cajeput, cedarwood atlas
Mental fatique= basil, rosemary, sage
Mental stimulation= clove bud, frankincense, jasmine, peppermint, rose unqualified
Refreshing= anise, bergamont
Relaxing= ylang ylang, bergamont
Self confidence, promoting= geranium
Worry, relief of= frankincense
Anxiety is a multi-layered problem, and that medium you need a multi-layered approach to handling it. Are you getting satisfactory protein in your diet? Also, enjoy you tried a good adrenal support. The B vitamins are well-mannered, but the best I've found is dessicated adrenal. You should be able to find it at a inherent foods store. The homeopathic Rescue Remedy by Bach is also helpful. And I enjoy to agree with another respondant, see if you can find an applied kinesiologist surrounded by your area. Also try looking for a professional kinesiology practitioner. They enjoy different approaches, and both can help you find pure, safe, and effectual ways to help you lower your anxiety. Good luck!
Stress/Anxiety is adjectives natural, and readily avialable. Also you could try the Anxiety/Nervousness formula. Either course, they work. check it out below
Try a Yahoo search for anxiety + "intuitive remedies" (OR "herbal remedies") and see what you get.
There are a couple of herb that you can try:
- valerian root for anxiety
- st john's wort for depression

Nutritional supplements for anxiety:
- Vitamin B complex

Alternative therapies or exercises to help out calm nerves:
- yoga
- meditation
Running through a fodder helps.
You will draw from all sorts of intuitive herbs adjectives over your clothes, and be so relaxed after five or ten minute of leaping and prancing you will hold forgotten all just about your anxieties.

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