Can you use ear candles if you own tubes contained by your ears?

Answers:    Yes, You can BUT. My experience is it don't work, in the long run. I used them on myself and my grandchildren. It is fun, but really doesn't do much for cleaning the ear. Best to breed yourself some wash and use a ear tube washer. It is commanly specified as a booger sucker for babies, but it is really for cleaning ears. Find recipe using boric acid and rubbing alcohol (really) or of late use warm hose down and flush wax out. Drain with bleak ear down on warming wad (not hot, just heat and not for long, remember there is an infection surrounded by there cause pain). If you are afraid to wash ear, use a blow dryer to soften wax, but shoot it at the back of the ear something like three minutes, not in it, consequently lay child down on warming wipe.
sorry I never heard of ear candles

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