Does any one know how to give a hand a sick human being similar to me seize better. i hold a vile cold no money for prescription?

Hopefully you have a bit money for some of the suggestions mentioned above. But if you don't, the best thing you can do is drink LOTS of fluids and rest. The fluids in truth help to flush the virus out of your system. Your immune system is more responsive next to it's rested. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
vitamin c is the answer, oranges or vit c supplement can be bought relatively cheaply. drink lots of water ( comes free ). snuggle down and preserve warm.hopefully at hand is someone around to give you rather T.L.C.
make some hot tea beside lemon and honey at bed time. get some rest.
at smallest get some paracetamol, they are really cheap and will relief with the cold a great deal.
orange liquid and soup or tea, nothing you can really do except that and stay warm
Drink TONS of fluids because the body requires more fluids while aggression the infection.Cool mist humidifiers and vaporizers often sustain you rest more comfortably and break up secretions. OTC may or may not serve so really don't waste your money on them. Avoid milk
products b/c the secretion will thicken. Viruses will go away near time (usually 7 days). If you have a cough beside this virus it is possible it could last 5 to 10 days. Now if you own fever for 4 days or more of 100.5 or above, experience chest tightness, your drainage (if any) final 10 days or more you need to see your doctor. If the drainage is individual a thin clear color afterwards you have allergies and near is no need for a organization visit.
avoid rime water, greasy food (oily), and peppery/spicy food. Eat porridge or anything soft and steamed.

mix your tea beside pure honey and lots of mint leaves. Mint leaf also ease breathing. If you have ginseng, u can brew it first, afterwards use the brewed ginseng water to brand name a cup of tea.

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