Can i use vitex (chasteberry) alongside organic progesterone cream?

i'm trying to get some nouns for some serious estrogen dominance symptoms, brought on after a major meltdown in the region of a year ago (legs and abdomen are constantly bloated, incapacitating cramps and irregular periods)

I've be taking vitex for 3 months today.
Going crazy.

Chasteberry's principal purpose is used today to treat breast tenderness as related to PMS and other PMS symptoms.

Other proposed used are Amenorhea, Female Infertility, Irregular Menustration, and Menopausal Symptoms.

It is stated that if you are taking hormones it is possible that chasteberry may interfere beside their action. This could be your problem. I personnaly would stop using the chasteberry.

I'm not sure where on earth you got your fluent progesterone. I use one that I purchased online at You might want to check out this site. It has a ask and answer section that you can use to form sure you are using the right cream. You can also email her personally beside any questions. Since I started using her colloquial progesterone cream, approx. 8 months ago, my periods hold regulated back to once a month. I am tremendously pleased with her product and hold ordered a 2nd jar.

Hope this helps - honourable luck!
go to a gyn you enjoy signs of pcos
talk to your gyn around options bar the synthetic types.
totally ok.herbs are extremely safe...

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