Can I embezzle 5-HTP next to these meds? Nexium, Lorazepam, Metoprolol, Plavix, Vytorin, and Omega Complex.?

I am suffering from depression, and I am recovering from a double bypass, and I don't like crying everyday. Someone suggested I run the substance 5-HTP. Should I mix those meds with the 5-HTP? I am thoroughly sensitive to most perscription meds, and I am not sure what to do.

It might be better to ask your pharmacist. They are often far more expert within knowing about interactions than doctors are.

Just ask your pharmacist if any of the drugs you're taking tilt seratonin levels.

I repeatedly call 5-HTP the jovial pill, because it makes me get the impression happy!

Instead of Nexium, you might bequeath DGL a try. Found in vigour food stores, it has be shown to work as well as drugs.

A moral replacement for Plavix is bromelain or nattokinase, taken on an empty stomach.

Good luck!

I'm sorry to hear you're passion depressed! But definitely do not, I repeat do NOT merely start taking 5-htp. Just because it's natural doesn't be set to it can't be harmful. And if you're sensitive to prescription meds, you'll most predictable be sensitive to this too. Also, 5-htp effects serotonin levels.(or at lowest possible it's supposed to), if any of the other medications you're taking effect serotonin, you could running out up giving yourself serotonin syndrome which is EXTREMELY dangerous. I'm not trying to startle you! I'm not an expert on this stuff by any means.but emphatically talk to a doctor first up to that time you start taking anything new, especially when you're already taking so plentiful things (and not just any doctor! a accurate my experience in attendance are a lot of not-so-great doctors out there). I hope you surface better soon.

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