Does anyone know how to cure Salvia flashbacks?

About a month ago a friend of mine smoked salvia divinorum, and had a shocking experience. Ever since, he's been have horrifying flashbacks about 2-3 times per hours of daylight. He used to practice shamanism, tarot, theta healing, etc...but ever since trying salvia, he keep having flashbacks when he tries to mission and he is unable to. He's be to the doctor and had several theta rituals perform on him, but nothing seem to work. If you have any direction, I would love to hear it. Thank you.

what did he smoke too much of 30x or something. This sounds highly unusual even if so. I ponder it is a far deeper psychological problem for your friend. He needs to counter the effects by going on a 3-4 light of day camping trip and drinking several beers respectively night and getting close to personality.

This story reminds me a bit about guy I used to know. He be a heavy drug user for years and after quit everything for 4 years during university. Afterwards it became adjectives to everyone that he was a bit bad (even though he was an exceptional student within a very difficult science major). After graduate he slowly picked back up on recreational drug use, but not close to before. And later, there be a one-off just irregular encounter with drug much approaching A/D (that he had used masses times before) and the effects after were much similar to you were describing. It turned out that he have been afflicted near a form of schitzophrenia for years and this little incident brought it out in the interested and intensified it. Well,..sorry for this long set-up, but to answer your question, I believe one article that might help your friend would be to "overdose" on vitamin c (2-3000mg) day after day. I have read lots alternative healing and herbal remedy books and this approach have shown success surrounded by many individuals surrounded by similar situation. It greatly helped the one mentioned above.
Also, it sounds that at the core of your friends problems is religion. That is the great entry about some of these drugs, contained by that, they help to prove religious points within a way they really shouldn't. If you really enjoy a bad trip or quality like you are individual possessed by demons or demonic aliens..., just try praying to god contained by Jesus name and really believing surrounded by your heart and see if it doesn't work.
Try a 3 day course of a homeopathic remedy call sulphur. Take it twice a day contained by the 6c potency. That should do the trick.
Here's what I've found out about this plant and its effects:

Hope this answers some question.

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