Did I steal too mayn vitamins?

I just took a multivitam, Omega Complex, calcium, and a Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamin. Is that too much?

Not at adjectives.

If you take mega doses of the flabby soluble Vitamins A, D and E you could overdose.

Also with minerals such as zinc, silver, iron and a few others you could overdose if you embezzle mega doses.

Also if you take hulking doses of one vitamin or mineral you may create an imbalance surrounded by the system due to preferential absorption. For example if you consume a hulking amount of table salt (sodium chloride or NaCl) you may closing up deficient contained by potassium as the Na is absorbed preferentially at the expense of potassium (K) so, within effect, a deficiency of K is repeatedly really a gross excess of Na due to too much table salt.

In common if you take the suggested doses indicated on the containers after you should be OK.
well... how long do you want to live?
It seem like it is. You should contact a doctor more or less this to see if you it okay to take that tons at once. Maybe you should cut down on the types you take day by day until you contact a real doctor.
I do not believe those are too heaps. Keep it at that level and try not to append another multivitamin.
its definetly not necessary. your body isn't absorbing adjectives of that. especially the calcium. your body wont absorb anymore than it wishes. its better if you get calcium through milk products. newly take the multi. unless you hold osteo issues or your dr. told you to.
tally up your vitamins and look. If you get headache often you are taking to much.
No. If you are taking a multivitamin AND omega complex, I would cogitate you could drop the other one since you're probably already getting those in the first two.
Nah, that should be fine... depending on what is surrounded by the hair/skin/nails vitamin.

You gotta be careful next to vitamin A, B, & E, and also make sure you are not taking too much iron.

But those are probably fine.

Daily, I whip:

Omega 3 Fish Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Cholesterol essentials (mostly B vitamins)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

I think to be precise it... I never get so much as a cold...
The multivitamin, and omega complex are fine. You may want to check the spinal column of your bottle for the milligrams of calcium to make sure you aren't over doing that. You can help yourself to more than 100% of your daily appeal, but you don't want it to be extraordinarily high. Also compare the spine, skin and nails vitamins to the multivitamin bottle. Most of the time like peas in a pod thing surrounded by a multivitamin is in the pelt skin and nails formulas, and they lately repackage it. Try CoQ10 with fish grease, it's a good skin vitamin, replenishes cell, as well as it's great for the heart, and the fish grease will control cholestrol. Then you can get rid of the Omega complex, and you are still taking something for the omegas, as economically as you are getting a great skin supplement.
Take them every other day and rotate the establish, if your pee is bright yellow- you are vitamin toxic.
i think you would be better bad takeing a 1 a day vitimem for adjectives makes more vsence to me and is safer that route then getting vitiman poisening dont you ponder so
That's probably fine. There isn't a lot of overlap within what you list. Quality is historic though. 1 a day vitamins are usually the lowest talent available. They are synthetic, typically petroleum derived and not very bioavailable. You can hope the input of a nutritionist or a dietitian or other nutrition consultant. Doctors do not receive education within nutrition so asking them is not going to yield an cultured answer.

Vitamin toxicity is actually speculative and even when children have eat entire bottles of vitamins, they have be a little jaunticed but otherwise fine. The actual risk is from "preformed" Vitamin A but almost adjectives vitamins now use Beta Carotene which have been show to be completely non-toxic. There hold been no death from vitamins documented.

Because the USDA data have shown that the food supply is so lacking surrounded by nutrition, compared to the same food grown with the sole purpose 20 years ago, the AMA, through the Journal of the AMA, recommended that all general public take dietary supplements to ensure modest nutritional support.

Do keep contained by mind though that dietary supplements are intended to supplement, not substitute, the benefits of a good diet.

The medicine and health information post by website user , ByeDR.com not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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