Can you brand a st johns wort transdermal patch next to crushed pills and some duct cassette?

You need a holder to get it across your skin, into your blood. I'd suggest one ... but afterwards you might try it. Not a good model. You've got no clue how much to put surrounded by there - if you are supposed to swallow two pills a afternoon it doesn't mean you'd crush two pills.

Honestly, if you own troubles swallowing the pills, drink the tea, or do what my mom did with pills when I be a kid. Smush'em between two spoons with some honey or preserve.
no but you can.
No that won't work. The med will not be absorbed into your blood stream.
yes do exactly as i utter. Get a vicodin, mash it up and snort or ingest it. Put the cartridge on your finger and leave it in that for a few month.
I don't think so, and they hold proved St. johns is not all its cracked up to be.
No... Do you know how frequent fillers the capsules contain?
Do you know the exact dose of how much you would put into the transdermal?
What would be your bridge into the blood stream?
But you can fashion one with Ethyl Alcohol, Glycerin & Rolling papers. <---Just kid.
Buy the tea it's only roughly $6.00 at most health food stores.

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