Catnip infusions for anxiety and angst?

I have a few herbalism books, and they adjectives suggest catnip for anxiety. My husband is on effexor, but trying to quit smoking weed and been sort of tough on him. He's really anxious and has a on edge stomach anyway, so quitting isn't helping him much.

Just wondering if anyone's ever used catnip tea for anxiety? How well does it work? I made him a pot of it, sweetened it a tiny bit, and put it within the fridge. I just taste a bit, and it's delicious! Reminds me of the Arizona Sweet Tea. I'm currently drinking red raspberry leaves throughout my pregnancy and I'm trying to find him to accept that herbalism isn't hocus-pocus hippie crap.

I hear catnip was a upright herb. In my mall here is a health food store. You can stir there and ask if a herb next to be OK with a medication someone might be taking. You might try that. There is deeply of information on the net too. Do plentifully of research. Prescription for nutritional healing is the book that this store uses to look these things up. sell it as well as copious other sites. I have the book her but it is a totally old book so it would not be helpful for you desires but I can tell you what it say about catnip:

Controls restlessness (catnip tea enemas reduce confusion quickly). Aids digestion and sleep; relieves stress; stimulates the appetite. Good for anxiety, colds and flu, inflammation, pain, and stress.

Not sure nearly mixing anything with the Effexor, may want to check on that next to someone at a health food store or a Dr. preferably.

Catnip works. Valerian Root is much better, approaching a big glass of wine. I merely think the fluid works best. However, for something heavier, Kava Kava. kind of approaching Valium. Again only the solution put into a little wet in a shot chalice. Dosage is on the bottles. Look out, that Kava is hard on the liver for more than a few days. Try the Valerian Root! PS. None of this for you for the subsequent 9 months! Congratulations on the pregnancy!
catnip is not good for anxiety, chamomile tea is.
Catnip isn't the best, in that are others that work better. Try a blend of herbs that work to comfort with jumpy conditions. Here is a link to herbal extracts plus, only scroll down the 'nervous conditions'.

As to the effexor, please be aware this is not a drug he can just stop. He must fall his dosage gradually, or he will gain rebound effects, where on earth he is worse off than back he started the drug.

Herbalists have long used combinations of herb to combat symptoms. The herbal extracts plus websites is one of the best for information, their products are reasonable, they won't butcher you on shipping costs, and they ship quickly.

Good luck!

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