Can you contribute me a account of the sites I visit yesterday at 2:00p.m. until the lapse of the afternoon.?

I sure can. do u want me to get into ur computer presently or later? I merely need ur full describe or email address. I can also tell u what u own stored on ur computer. n steal some of ur personal information if u stored it on ur computer.
Just go into your computer browser history.Go below your Tools on your toolbar and it will go by year,week or month.
hmm.ya see some people dont no the answer to ur sound out so they wil answer soo meanly...but u can go to ur history and it wil let somebody know u everything...that u did the whole afternoon..! and just so family understand ur question...instead of asking Can you give me a register of the sites I visited yesterday at 2:00p.m. until the wrap up of the day.? u shud try asking something close to - can someone please tell me how i can bring back a list of sites that i visit yesterday at 2:00p.,. until the end of the year? thank you..

if u try asking sometihng like tht population will also understand better what ur trying to ask..anyways hope i help and gud luck

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