Anyone hold experience beside Colloidal Silver, I just this minute bought some and it works great for a few things

I recently bought products at that are made near Colloidal Silver and one that is a mixture of Silver and Aloe call Siloevera. The mixture is the best after sun skin treatment that I have tried to date and the Colloidal Silver cream is working great on my son's acne. I figure out it to work well on minor burns as economically. Let me know if you have found any other uses for this product. I do not deem that the major drug manufacturer want us to know.

Colloidal Silver can and should be consumed apparently it is good for treating skin diseases, cancer, other internal ailments. I forget the view behind it but silver can be remedial.
It can be made simply by putting a special electrical gadget into
a cup of distilled water. People contained by the old days kept milk fresh for long period of time (when there be limited refrigeration) by putting a dime into a carafe of milk.
Look it up on the internet for more info.
There is a prescription item, called Silvadene, to be precise a silver compound in the US i.e. usually used for burns. Silver is a mild antibiotic compound but should ONLY be used topically considering its severe and debilitating side effects if taking in words.
Do you know the difference between a colloid and a solution?
Yes silver nitrate once was used to wipe out newborns eyes and is still used instead of chlorine surrounded by some pools. Silver is a natural antibiotic. It cause the organism to lose cellular structure. It is not near as moral as oregano oil for example.
You probable got more benefit from the aloe afterwards the silver.
They sell home kit for making colloidal silver at home. You can poison yourself with this stuff but you obligation to drink lots of it. It only works because you believe it will work.
The big bleak harm companies are unsurprisingly hiding everything from you that is why the companies you buy colloidal silver charge dollars for what costs much smaller amount then a penny to produce. One sure agency to sell stuff is claim that it is a secretive that the big bad companies don;t want you to know nearly.
It is called huckterism.

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