Apple cider vinegar?

i m 22 yr old girl . enjoy vry thin fuzz. even some patches of baldness. i hold stated drinking apple cider vinegar fr hair growth. i perceive it vry acidic. have any one used it. plz tell me. is it worth drinking. any other oral medication fr down growth. should i continue it. will show effects within how many days

I have the same problem beside the hair and shiny on top spots. I got rid of it but it took a long time. I used white vinegar and put it on my scalp, it burned since I have sores, not sure what was cause this but the vinegar I believe was the cure.

I give somebody a lift herbs for my hackle as well. One is Eclipta and the other one is is call Shou Wu Pian. They both help bring quill color back. The Eclipta is helping me perceive better with some condition issues. The Shou Wu Pian really thickens up the quill quickly. This is the site I buy the following herb:
They also sell the Eclipta as a fresh herb, it tastes upright made as a tea with a bit of milk.

i dont know ive never tried that but it doesnt appear like that would work.
use some special shampoos to sort your hair give the impression of being thicker. go to a doctor to impart you some thing for curls growth
ive never heard of drinking apple cider vinager, i wonder what that does to your insides ..

I would infer protien would be the way to jump. There is also a vitamin calle biotin that ppl take to trade name thier hair and nail stronger. Ive always have thick hackle, but it works wonders on my nails.

Hope this help =)
i dont know about that, doesnt nouns right to me.
try taking prenatal vitamins, and see a doctor.
I drink apple cider vinegar with mother, from braggs, it is a cleanser for your organs, I merely have one kidney and so thats what I use it for, a couple of teaspons near water, for your hackle has it other been slight or is it falling out, is the balding new or hold you had that beforehand, are you stressed out , not eating thriving or taking meds ? apple cider vinagar is good for reliving itchy scalp,It is obedient for your skin and organs. I am a hairstylist and if your hair is falling out alot you should see a dr.
I mull over they have pills know made out of apple cider vinegar. I've never hear of it being used for hackle loss but I have hear of it being used for weightiness loss
There is a product called Scalp Med to be precise very important, if you are open to trying it. Look it up online.
I help yourself to apple cider vinegar for weight loss and to luxury my achey joints but I know nought about spine growing with it.
My apple cider vinegar book say putting the vinegar on the scalp may help near bald ness but you hold to soak a wash cloth portion your hair and apply directly to scalp.

" Intra" is a product that I know grows spike back at tiniest for women. It worked on me and some friends.
I don`t think apple cider vinegar would give a hand. Try using a couple of eggs beaten up contained by your hair. Shampoo your pelt as normal and consequently rise. Then put then vanquished eggs in your curls and live for 5 - 10 minutes and then rise. Your down will grow thick and be strong from the protein!
Apple cider vinegar won't backing you. It has masses skin and health benefits, but it's not the most appropriate for mane growth. What really helps is the rosemary grease. It has properties to minister to with quill grow and avoid baldness. You can find it in most strength shops and even in some pharmacies. There are tons shampoos that have rosemary grease in it. For more info, check out this relation:

I heard that an oral medication you can nick is Vitamin E. It's great for your hair, and you will also own a beautiful skin. Maybe your tresses loss is due to stress. Try to seek for some lend a hand to manage stress. The same entry happened to a friend of mine (he be in tenet school, and couldn't touch the pressure), and with some relaxation technique he learned, the problem stopped.

Hope this help! ;)
See,"folk medicine" Earth clinic. If you join a little baking soda beside you ACV, before tally juice( grape juice is what we use), it will stratum the acid, and is fundamentally good for you.

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