Are here any websites that supply herb for hepatitis C?

I don't know what sites sell them but according to a book I hold on herbal remedies, the herbs you would look for are: Milk Thistle pip, schisandra berry, tumeric and St. John's Wort leaf and flower, artichoke palm leaf. I'm sure you can find them in vigour food stores like GNC,

If I be you, I'd consult and herbalist.
There's probably a bunch of them. But spices won't help a hepatitis infection. Go see an MD or DO - you entail more than oregano for this.

(Yes, I know that the websites won't sell this guy oregano. But the holistic "medicine" they hand over him will do about as much moral as oregano. And in the meantime, the hepatitis infection is destroying his liver.)
ABSOLUTELY. The best one is

Check it out. Lloyd Wright have an entire alternative method for treating hep c. Don't do Interferon!
You may benefit from taking colloidal silver. This product is available at the site listed below.

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