Does anybody know the Sanskrit possession for invigorating, mind-healing, or holistic therapeutic?

Are you referring to Ayurveda(or Ayurvedamedicine)?

It is traditional Indian medicine
I've be borrowing books and cd's from the library on chanting and most of them come Sounds True.

check out the website:
Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yug’ which mechanism "to join." It signifies grouping between the individual soul (jivatma) and the universal soul (parmatma). It aims at obtain relief from dull pain and suffering. Basically, human evolution takes place on three different planes, namely physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga is a finances of attaining perfect form by maintaining arpeggio and achieving optimum functioning on adjectives three levels through complete self-possession. Yogic kriyas, asanas and pranayama constitute the physical basis of yoga. The practice of kriyas and asanas lead to excellent circulation. It also energises and stimulates major endocrine glands of the body. Yogic exercises promote inner vigour and harmony, and their regular practice help prevent and cure many adjectives ailments. They also help wipe out tensions, be they physical, mental or touching.

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