Can anyone suggest some good books to help with aromatherapy massage?

I am starting college in September and will be doing a course in aromatherapy massage. Could anyone suggest some good overall books that I could buy to help me? Or suggestions on what I could buy to help me with the course.

Here are links to the ones I own: (I am studying aromatherapy massage myself but it's just a 10 week taster course; which can lead on to the diploma)

Both are very very good. The second one concentrates on the uses of the oils and how to treat various ailments, it doesn't go into detail about massage technique.

And here is a list someone created of good aromatherapy books for students of any level

I hope you enjoy your course, which qualification is it? I'm thinking of doing the VTCT Diploma.

Also lot's of websites do student aromatherapy starter sets, it would be worth speaking to your tutor beforehand and finding out which oils you will be covering so you know which to buy. They only last around 6 months once you open them so it's best not to go overboard; the tutor should have all the oils there to use if you haven't got them all. Woods and simply supplements are good.

Also buy some small bowls and baby wipes to use on the course. Have fun, if you're anything like me you'll really enjoy it!

Feel free to email me if you want to ask me anything else.

Love and Light


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