Are you parched? Sweating too much? What can replenish the electrolytes and other essentials that are lost?

I am searching for adjectives and any info about what kind of food or drink that will help replenish the loss of electrolytes within your body due to sweating to much or being/becoming dehydrated. It's downright hot this summer and I own been taking these OTC (over the counter) packet rehydration salts and mixing near water each day.
The composition is:
1.75g of Sodium Chloride.
0.75g of Potassium Chloride.
1.45g of Sodium Citrate.
10g of Anhydrous Glucose.
I don't drink gatorade or poerade because of the sucrose and dyes, so I am looking for natural ways to replenish my body next to the essentials due to over sweating. Serious replies only please.

I live within Tucson, Arizona and the temp is in the triple digits this year. I use a great product by the company "Alacer" call "Electro mix" . It has no sugar and is extremely forceful. I am putting a link for it below.
I am also including a association that shows food that hydrate. Stay cool. . .
just drink mineral marine ( the water that taste bitter& and burns my throat :])

you can also try to prevent sweating by spaying water on your self(arms and neck), drizzly your hair when you be in motion to the bathroom, wear loose clothing
Get the Pediolyte (sp) is that stuff with no flavoring. It taste really bad but it will do what you want.

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