A few question in the order of LSD?

I heard that LSD is so precarious, if you take it more than 7 times, you are declared reasonably insane. Does it really do that? Also, what is the average profit from buying ergot to selling LSD? What is the average price of a hit in Canada? How long does it bear and how much does it cost to process ergot into LSD? Is blotter paper the best method for abdication, or is a solution or a gel?

LSD can be extremely dangerous, yes, but not as you've be told. LSD is not called "Acid" for nil -- it's an extremely toxic acid that effects and alters the neurons contained by your brain -- these are what determine your pattern of thinking, sensation, seeing, etc. LSD can actually re-wire these neuron connections and thus alter you forever. Yes, some who've dabbled own indeed become legally insane. Others, not so (myself and others approaching me).

The point is this: potency, quantity, source and your own mental stability are the push button components of determining who will have a fitting "trip", who will have a "baddie" and who will never come spinal column. Knowing people who took too much at one time, or too much too habitually, or had a "unpromising batch", and seeing these people no longer as the individuals you know, but literally insane and incapable of communing with society, is adequate to make me incredibly wary of the drug.

The miserable part is, YOU NEVER KNOW. You never know the true potency, whether it be cut with something else (heroin, MDMA, and speed are adjectives though others use worse chemicals that are toxins to your system to cheapen the product so they can sell more). You never know EXACTLY HOW YOU AND YOUR BRAIN ARE GOING TO RESPOND. You can't other control your trip, you can guide it -- surround yourself with devout "vibes" from people you know and trust, own a sober "guide" in crust you start to have a bleak trip, do it in a comfortable and serene surrounding -- but your mind is a powerful instrument and messing with the hardwiring is never a virtuous idea.

-- If it's potent, it won't filch long. "Good acid" can effect you for 2 to 3 days or more, depending on the person
I-- n the US, the average hit of "decent" stuff is from $5 to $20.
-- Don't manufacture it yourself - the risk of killing yourself or someone taking your stuff is extremely soaring especially if you don't know what you're doing.
-- Liquid acid alone is easier said than done to control the amount taken, blotter paper is best because you can see as the gooey spreading on the paper (something you can't see on sugar cubes)

Please be wary -- my response here is honest as one who believes in "wise and thoughtful experimentation". LSD is no joke, and once you try it, you are never like. Same thing beside Exctacy/MDMA. These physically change your body and your mind -- change that are irreparable. Always do your research before trying any drug. Be aware and beware.
D-LSD-25 is a strong psychoactive drug. Some society have a totally bad effect from taking it. The problem is that
1. You own no way of relating who is going to have such an effect
2. You own no way of knowing if you are getting solid LSD
3. You have no thought what other bathtub chemicals you are getting beside it.
The manufacture of LSD is outlined contained by several sites on the web and within several books that are sold by Amazon. However, many of the chemical precursors are controlled and possession of these chemicals or some of the chemical equipment used to brand name the drug will result in a stop by from your local police.
Unless you have a collage biochemical know-how base and access to chemicals and glassware you are unlikely to usefully produce the chemical for home use.
The impressive dose for LSD is so low that the delivery method just matters.
As far as the profit I own no idea what a hit is going for and I also hold no idea what the precursor chemicals and equipment would cost. And remember, you also hold to factor in the loss of income cause by jail time into the equation.
Ok I saw this and I'm going to relate you about my personla experience and what I know.

Long tim e ago my mom told me LSD be a substance that Freud and Hoffman used to take to be capable of experience what their pacients felt, and it be legal for them to whip.

Well it is true, I had LSD once it be a little bottle and I took close to three drops I think, It be 5 in the mornning I didn't in actual fact know hat it be. A friend gave it to me and it is the best and worst experience surrounded by my life.

The flavor be completely like mint, within about 15 minutes I started to see everything faster and faster, I come to think I be dead, consequently I got so desperate I started to cry, I saw my friend as a bit girl and then as a intensely old woman, I saw my hand got dated, I saw a million little buddies come to me, anything I focused got blur, the lone good piece was music it nouns so great, I got to grain very lonely and close to a crazy person, I be like that for 12 hours, it be the most horrible experience of my life, and I behave since that time, I became better, simply by feeling that substance contained by my body.

I am not a person into drugs nt in a minute not before, but I tried a few things and specifically the worst thing, my point is; I don't know if you help yourself to it 7 times you get crazy, but I know that when you pinch it you feel approaching a crazy person, I would not recommend it to anyone, and I know to respectively drop you take cause yu a permanent injury in your brain, you can enjoy similar simptoms to the ones you had when you be on the drug, threee years later, because the brain keep the memory of that time when you took it. And it can take 12 years for the substance to come out of your body, I don't know the cost, but economically this is my experience.

I hope I helped.
Lucy within the Sky with Diamonds.......
some read out after 7 u are legally insane and ive taken similar to 50 hits in my lifetime and im not insane but ive see one guy take too plentiful at once and go insane. so i guess it depends on the human being and there tolerance.i would suggest not taking it at adjectives.

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