Can you seize illustrious on vicodin?

yes.. AND its very addictive, firm to quit
yes, and you can get giant on life too.
Are you kid.
The answer is ******* YES
um DUH
Yes! but if you are in discouraging pain after it's more likely to a moment ago be pain nouns...
Yes you can. It usually takes a few and after a while they bring in you drowsy. Drinking a couple of beers and then taking one is the best. NOTICE i said a couple of beers. Once I be shitfaced when I took one, and it made me pass out and shatter the toilet beside my elbow, so be careful.
You do gain "high," but not surrounded by the marijuanna sense of the word. More of a low grade buzz, relaxed, be aware of good but not goofy sort of high. I never get much into it, even when I had 'scripts for it, as I never found Vicodin to be a markedly strong or good buzz and I've taken more than my share of drugs within my time. Careful with that stuff, it affects different associates different ways and it is highly addictive to some.
I get higher than a kite the one, and singular, time I took vicodin.
I had some intense hallucination.
At one point, I sat on the couch conversation to my dad... laughing...for at least twenty minutes... It be cool, except my dad had be dead seven years at that point.
When my disorientation spiked to 104 and my arms and legs started to swell like red balloon, we decided it be time to go to the ER.
I'm allergic to the hydrocodone.
Yes, vicodin approaching many other dull pain killers is outstandingly addictive with morphine topping out the category, hence the motivation most medical facilities won't urgently give you morphine. Now most Dr.'s will rotate the backache meds you are on to help prevent addiction but addiction is still possible especially when used contained by an abusive carriage, this is mainly due to the body's dexterity to adapt to the meds that are going into it. Sort of similar to when Two Advil no longer kill the agony and you need Three, same item.
Definately dont drink more than 2 beers when on vicodin, unless you feel approaching playing russian roulette. I use to snort mad amounts of vicodin, its a spend if you snort them, so dont. Also its retarded to snort any pain executioner i realized. The coating around vicodin have a time released blah blah blah that makes it slowly desolve surrounded by your stomache so it lasts longer. Breaking the pill within half will annul this effect, and you will feel it profoundly faster, you will have your crag high deeply faster. Drinking 2 beers with vicodin is fun as adjectives hell, vicodin alone is pretty boring, unless your laying down closing your eyes thinking of arbitrary stuff (which i found to be the only approach to enjoy vicodin). All contained by all, the withdrawls i have scared the CRAP out of me, so i have to stop, waking up drenched within sweat shaking uncontrollably similar to i was a crack fein be no fun at all so i have to quit. I wouldnt so much as to say its a elevated, as it just make you feel close to you give smaller amount of a crap about whats going on around you.
vicodin falls contained by the narcotics with perocet and oxycotin and it awfully addicted. go to this website and you can find out something like any kind of drugs you want to.but vicodin is addicting.
1) Vicodin is a synthetic opiate, so it is truly a depressant (downer). Yes, it can **** you up. It also can kill you.
2) It is extremely addictive, in recent times like heroin, codeine, oxycontin, laudanum, morphine, etc. There is a pretext it's a regulated substance.
3) It is NOTHING to play around with. It can murder you if you take too much. Please find something else to procure you "high" that's good for your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul.
4) A adjectives side effect is extreme nausea. Feeling like you want to puke your guts out for hours at a time, a unbroken day even, is not exactly my perception of having "fun". And I know this b/c it be prescribed for me after 2 root canals and it made me mega, mega sick, my man. I would hold prefered the pain, thankfulness very much. Haven't taken it since.
F*****g RIGHT!! planet stomach-ache pill baby
What do you deduce? People like you product it more difficult to get Vicodin for actual twinge instead of selling or using it inappropriately. I have posterior pain specifically tolerated by Vicodin whereas you are just looking for your subsequent high.
ya. you can carry high on vicodin. but its not really adjectives that worth it. it just kinda feel like the afterburn on weed. that reaction where your definitly not sober, but not really big anymore either. Vicodin a short time ago produces a mild buzz. not really that exciting, although, i've only taken 1 1/2 max. i dont know what happen when you take 19 (other than a trip to the ER).
If i be you though, i would say **** eatin these things. and supply those bitches. you've gotta have at smallest one friend who will buy that stuff off of ya.

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