Can I purloin Tramadol near Meprozine?

ask poison control they will know or ur pharmisist
have you spelt meprozine correctly is it the brand autograph or generic name as i cant find it, but as long as its not a pain reliever then yes you can.
meprozine is a drug that also help with agony..i assume...judging from what my dad who is a doc told me. doubling on two discomfort killer/relievers that may have different properties may not be honourable. try the tramadol for now and i own been taking that for 7 yrs past its sell-by date and on for very severe fibromalgia. it help alone trust me,i take 50 mill. at one time. 100 should aid if your in seriously of pain but do not nouns up on it more than that every 6 can take it. hope this help

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