Can you seize lofty on tramadol?

high no. but drowsy close to yes. it can also kill u if u combine near alcohol or its also not advised to drive while on it. it contribute me headaches the subsequent day n a sore throat the subsequent day n does nought for my pain
Yes you sure CAN.
Tramadol is truly the generic form of Ultracets.

Like the previous poster said, after effects is most likely a headache, although it give you CRAZY ENERGY.

Be careful though, plentifully of people obtain addicted to them.

Try to only use when really contained by pain.
Tramadol is an Opiate throbbing reliever also marketed as Ultram. It will bring you drowsy and can be addictive. I would hardly send for it a 'high'.
Hi hendrix rhoads, yes pain paperwork is important if you want to live respectively day to its fullest short unnecessary suffering. Pain can negatively affect all aspects of your duration and inhibit your ability to transport out simple tasks, such as eating regular meal. It can impact your sleeping patterns, drain your enthusiasm, alter your mood and make it difficult or impossible to accomplish on a daily basis chores and responsibilities.
Pain can be characterized as mild, moderate, or severe. Tramadol to use for moderate pain.
Jason Homan

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