What are the side effects from accidently snorting cocoa powder?

I accidently inhaled about a pinch of milk-chocolate cocoa powder and I want to know if anything serious could come to pass

Why was it around your proboscis anyway? I don't think anything serious is gonna surface.
No just titter and maybe rinse your muzzle with saline water so you dont sneeze so much. If you are really bothered by it and you can't breathe ably walk away from the computer and run to the er or an urgent care center but I importantly doubt you have a obligation for concern.
Chocolate snot.
Maybe a burning sensation in your proboscis. I know people who own sniffed the powder from Sour Skittles and either zilch happened or their proboscis burned from it.
How terrible Elvis. You will be addicted to Chocolateitis for time. What a way to turn!
Yes, your nose, for days, will be enticing.

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