Anyone hold a cannibus card?

My boyfriend has be having shoulder problems and requests to get a cannibus card. I know nearby are like untaught medicine doctors or green doctors and stuff, and they'll dispense cards out, but is there a boundary to how much stuff you can buy from the clubs? Any other info I should know about it?

It depends on the state you live surrounded by, I live in Oregon and you are not issued weed, you are allowed to grow, and enjoy up to seven plants of varying maturities. You need to own a condition that is covered below the law, chronic severe strain, is one. There are fees you have to clear before seeing the doctor that authorizes your condition. If you want more info in the order of the laws contained by Oregon, contact, Zoman, he is the founder of the program in Oregon and a Yahoo user.
You can't seize one for a shoulder problem...
From my understanding, the product is shite. Also, I deliberate you have to own a more of a severe problem to get one.
its for more serious condition issues, and only contained by certain states who allow it.
depends on what State you live contained by. each enjoy their own rules. How many plants you can own in veg and bud...I'm surrounded by Oregon. Let me know if you want info from here :)

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