Where can i find a arts school that offer a level within homeopathy or vigour science homeopathy ?

In the US, Bastyr University offers pedantic degree programs contained by natural pills. This is its web site:
I enjoy used their online resources several times as a medical librarian.

Other US schools of homeopathy include:
American Medical College of Homeopathy
The Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy
The Institute of Classical Homeopathy

In Canada, in attendance is the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst

You can find some more here:

Many programs are offered outside of the US, especially England, Ireland, Australia, and India.
Hello, I am from Mumbai, India, and as such can provide you with information something like homeopathy colleges in India.

A record of names can be have from :

There are any number of accredited school in alternative medication that you can attend online. You can "google" the results or pick up a good form magazine like "Natural Health" and look surrounded by the ads contained by the back of the magazine.

Some moral schools are Clayton College, Bastyr University and Global College of Natural Health.
That depends upon which country you belong to. If you are
from India nearby are many colleges which proposal homeopathy
degree. In southern India father mullers college of
homeopathy offer you 4 years course. It is very eminent
and recognised by government of India. In uk, usa,
germany also they hold recognised colleges which offer
homeopathy degees. It is no big operation. Meantime
congratulations for selecting homeopathy for your studies
as you will lend a hand thousands with a not detrimental remedy rather than
allopathy. Good luck contained by your pursuit of a worthy career.
Clayton college of untaught healing, they hold both on line and contained by person classes/curriculum
for the account, homeopathy is hocum.

The entire premise of homeopathy (like curing like) has never be proven. Nor has the magical notion of molecular memory to be exact supposed to explain how a dilution with no statistical probability of containing a single atom of the active ingredient can still own an effect.

It has be solidly proven in hulking scientific studies to be no more significant than placebo. You can have simply as much success next to a Harry Potter magic wand from Wal-Mart.

Just thought I'd put within my 2 cents for rational thinking
Science and Homeopathy don't share like peas in a pod bed. Science exists based bad of rational and logical thought which brings something like ideas which are next tested in accommodatingly controled environments. Medical science follows this pattern. Testing is generally conducted in double to triple blind studies which regularly involve the use of placebos (materials known not to enjoy any effect on the condition being treated) as economically as the experimental drug or regimine. Since the patients don't know which group they fall into, the results can truly be objective--and the findings of adjectives testing is unscrew to peer review and study. ANYONE is invited to rip apart a given hypothesis because only a hypothesis that stands up to such scrutiny stands a uncertainty at becoming a theory. Qouted from Wikipedia: "In science, a notion is a mathematical description, a logical explanation, a verified hypothesis, or a proven model of the attitude of interaction of a set of natural phenomena, able of predicting future occurrence or observations of the same sympathetic, and capable of self tested through experiment or otherwise falsified through empirical observation. It follows from this that for scientists "theory" and "fact" do not necessarily stand contained by opposition. For example, it is a certainty that an apple dropped on earth have been observed to spatter towards the center of the planet, and the theory which explains why the apple behave so is the current theory of gravitation."

Homeopathy follows definitely none of these rules. In truth, various solid studies have be conducted in an attempt to prove various of Homeopathy's claims of cure for given diseases. None have ever shone a positive muted on these claims.

For further reading: http://www.homeowatch.org/
Great news!! You don't own to go to conservatory...you can buy a degree contained by homeopathy from one of several "diploma mills" that can be found on the Internet. Many also sell degree in naturopathy, aromatherapy and other areas of unwanted items science.
one of the better ones right now is http://www.ccnm.edu/ unless you want to progress to germany. but in north america this would be one of the best.

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