Is hypnotherapy approaching hypnotizm?

I have never be hpnotized nor do I know anyone who has for unadulterated. I have talk to people who hold done hypnotherapy, but it doesn't sound approaching the same point. What can you tell me?

I hold just answered your other cross-examine. Hypnotherapy is the same process, but usually for different reason.You have stage Hypnotism, and after you have treatments through Hypnotherapy.A number of Psychological disorders can be assisted by hypnotherapy. A book you might similar to to read that assisted me is- Secrets of Self Hypnosis by Gilbert Oakley.Published by A. Thomas & Co. 1964. A UK book.You can hypnotise yourself quite effortlessly.I suffered quite plentifully of stress through a broken marriage, and Hypnotherapy worked wonders for me. It is said that even Homosexuals can be "Cured" by hypnotherapy. Obviously homosexuality is a disorder of the mind.I know of copious cures for Stress, Anxiety and panic attacks. Having operation without Anaesthetics. The chinese are remarkably good.Theyv'e be using mind techniques for hundreds of years.
Yes it is one and the same but it is hypnosis for theraputic purposes instead of for fun and games.
I have, since i own this unexplained terrible weakness, we just go.
you don't get hypno-ed next to a string or anything, you close your eyes and focus on your breathing while someone tells you to become relaxed and such. it can almost put you contained by a trance if you wernt in as much dull pain as me i guess..

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