Are here any home remedies for an ear soreness?

I'll probbaly catch flak for this but blowing smoke contained by the ear actually help!
Ear candles also work great.
try sweatin it out ..
put some hot salt surrounded by a towel and put this over your ear.good luck!
i know this is gonna nouns kinda gross but if u piss on a cotton ball and put it within ur ear it will help it
Yep, my mom used to put thaw out oil within our ear at night and plug it beside a cotton ball. I come up with it was mineral grease. Works great.
salt wet drops, in the ear, will facilitate dry out the ear. same as with Pee but profusely cleaner. I have hear of the Pee trick but I perfer salt wet.
blowing smoke from a cigarette helps alot!!
Try some vodka within the ear and not the cheap stuff. I have used this effectively for years.Its almost instant cure for swimmers ear. And will run a few times a day for more serious infection. If it persist longer then that stir to a docter.
ear candling works wonders to pull out the infection. you can purchase them at most vigour food stores and some beauty spas sour this service. i have done this masses times myself and to my children and have other had great results. you will not believe the cast-offs that they will draw from your ears! good luck. hope this works.
Also bring a 1/2 c olive oil and 1 glove of garlic and roast it in a jar until it is just heat. do not simmer! then tolerate cool and a drop or two in the ear every 4 hour or so will comfort.
my family swears by this presently. pour a little bit of castor grease onto your pinky finger and insert into the inflamed can also gently squeeze it in. I do this at dark and by morning its gone. if that doesn;t work, try it every few hours.
I get chronic ear infections and ear ache, my chiropractor suggested that on the on set of an ear ache that I use this remedy. In a small container mix, 2 tbls of vinegar and 2 tbls of rubbing alcohol, mix, using cotton globe drop 3 drops into ear, hold liquid surrounded by for 20 seconds, repeat near other ear, do this for two days once in the morning, once at darkness, skip a day, and consequently do it for two more days.
Cut up a clove of garlic and place in ear. The chemicals contained by the garlic will clear up the ear ache.

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