Do Hemisync (brain synchronization) CD's really work?

I've seen and even tried Hemisync and similar CD's that articulate that they can use the process of entrainment to cause the brain to move into a faddy brain state, be it "alpha" or "theta" and so on. Do these techniques certainly work? Or there any genuine science behind it or is it a short time ago anecdotal?

Answers:    I have that disc and it does work, It works very powerfully. There is also another CD system that I use that works better, Its call U-CURE, its a three CD system. I use multiple CD's for self modification, but the most powerful CD's I have used are the U-CURE system, it build massive amounts of modern neurons, as well as reestablishes out-of-date neurons, boosts intuition and promotes strong mental clarity. Very powerful, highly recommended.
I use Hemisync CD's for myself and my clients (massage therapy). Please jump to the website to see exactly why and how the technology works. Hemisync is a patented process. Since I've used Hemisync for my massage psychiatric help practice, my clients say I'm the best wipe therapist around. Not sure if they are bu11sh*#in me, but I'll nick the compliment!

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