Are wolfberries/goji berries safe for consumption by anyone, even a little kid?

I'm just wondering because I've heard about these berries, and some people say that it's not safe for kids to digest them. I just want to get it clear. No stupid remarks please!

Yes, I am a trained Chinese medicinal herbalist and licensed acupuncturist, and I can tell you that they are completely safe for children.

We often call this fruit a lyccii berry (you see allot of different spellings), and it is actually a food sold at Chinese food markets. It is a dried fruit with the texture of dried apricots typically. They are great for building blood and vitality.

Look for organic sources if you are feeding them to children because they usually are grown in China. It's a little scary getting food from China, and I only order my Chinese herbs from sources who do 3rd party testing for pesticides and heavy metals to protect my patients and customers.

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