Can anyone minister to me find silica surrounded by tablet form its a herbal prescription for nail and skin?

tried very rugged to find this would appreciate any help i can catch on this

Horsetail Veggie capsules.
Get from a Natural Health store.
Have you tried Holland & Barrett? (UK)

There are abundant supplements you can take for skin and nail...pantothenic acid is chiefly good for spike, nails and skin. Starflower grease is also good as it contain Vit E and a glorious dose of GLA also extremely beneficial for skin.

Vit A is also a good one, but hold seen a supplement strictly for pelt, nails and skin sold contained by H & B, which may contain silica...??

Nature's Sunshine HSN-W (Hair, Skin and Nails Formula) Rich in Herbal Silica. Promotes Proper Utilization of Calcium. I use it. It's in reality Rosemary, Sage, Dulse & Horsetail Herbs, combined together in a tablet. You can buy it from their website: or from a for $17.70 for 100 capsule. You take 2 - 3 times a sunshine. I love it and it works and the herbs abet with alot of other things too. Very Universal.
I buy adjectives of my homoeopathic remedies from Delivery is fast and reliable.

I hope this help
Blackpool beach tons of the bloody stuff
you should be capable of find it in a robustness food store.silicol, who make the fluid form may also do a really is excellent for the skin, hair and nail

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