Can anyone recommend a Massage Therapy college within the Los Angeles nouns?

And how much will it cost?

I can't recommend a school for you because I don't live contained by LA but it depends on what school you travel to. Some are private and just educate massage or you can shift to a local college where they proffer it..You're lucky you live in LA in attendance are more places to choose from.I went to academy for massage psychiatric therapy for 18 months and it cost me twenty three thousand, not including books either.Also California isn't regulated for chafe,but Los angles itself may have different law your school will report to you more if you choose to go for polish therapy.

below are a few school I found in LA for squeeze therapy
With adjectives due respect, I don't think it's the best craft choice, considering how filthy people are today, and you don't know what type of weirdoes might come in here. That's just my assessment.

I do know that they advertise a clad income, opportunity, ect., but I have my reservations.

If you're going to step to school, why not consider net design, drafting, computer technology or something like that? There must be tons of choices and these sorts of things are valid SKILLS, whereas mould is not a down-to-earth sort of skill that will go anywhere surrounded by the long run, again in my evaluation.
As you're in CA, I can't recommend Phillips' School of Massage surrounded by Nevada City, CA highly satisfactory. No, it's not close to you, but it's so good that I would heartily recommend you commute. Please check it out! Judy Phillips is one of the best teacher of my entire life and I want more than anything to step back within for additional study. When I go there, here was a specific course of study designed for working adults that took place from Friday to Sunday. Great, go changing stuff!

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