Detox apparatus?????

has anyone here used a product call Detox-Kit cleanse deeply by the company HEEL

its 3 seperate bottles of drops
have anyone used this and with what results?

never hear of detox-kit, oxypowder, natura, and bowtrol seem to be the more popular ones in this day and age.

easy entity to do is buy psyillium husk, most colon cleansing products contain this, sort of like a superfiber. a short time ago drink lots of water when taking it...
Hi I haven't used that one, but am on Isagenix & really close to the results.

Overall I haven't lost much weight but I enjoy gotten smaller, ie. 2-3 inches off most areas.
for a swift fix i recommend STRIP XTRACLEAN
Why dont you just give somebody a lift an enema? What is the diference.
Your body naturally detoxifies itself!

That rubbish is lately another way to grasp people to spend their money on cast-offs!

Your body detoxifies itself all morning and for the biggest part during your sleep. Especially until lunchtime it is therefore sensible to guzzle fruit only. Your body have to dispose of the toxic elements it receives from stimulants, nutrition and pollution.

We own this wonderful thing call a liver and G.I. [gastrointestinal] tract which is quite long. Between the liver and the G.I. tract, we do admin everything shoveled into our bodies quite economically.

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