What are some worthy holistic/herbal/all natural/OTC remedies to clash infection?

Well, it really depends on what sort of infection. For internal, and if you don't believe in the doc so you cannot attain penicillin or any of the many "cyclines", I other go near ingesting an ample amount of bleu cheese. Seriously. Mold is natures penicillin - merely so long as you are not allergic. I used it to help clear up an abscess tooth. For minor things, the one who said tea tree grease has the right perception.
Drink quinine water.
If you enjoy an infection on your skin, I would suggest Tea Tree Oil. I use it on most things, even bug bites!
Very much depends on the infection.

To fight a hornets nest, I use a hornet spray, to conflict ants, I use an ant spray, to fight mites, I use another..

Your crust is best diagnosed by a doctor, but some symptoms are problematic.

My hubby has itchy foot, so I buy athletes foot spray, my son has allergies, so I buy benydryl..

Your infection is highly vague, please see a doctor if you can't disclose the info over the web........
For internal infection my fav is a combo of Goldenseal/Echinacea in a juice form. This combo is said to rev up your immune system by up to 60% and is antibacterial and antiviral. You can buy this at most local health food stores.

I draw from cold sores sometimes (viral) and then I use a product call Master's Miracle. I have one and only found it on-line but I keep it on paw all the time in a minute because I haven't found any others that work as well on viral stuff.

Here's a intertwine about strengthening your immune system that you might want to check out.
I would buy colloidal silver 10ppm and a bottle of grease of oregano. Additionally, you should purchase a good characteristic probiotic that is enteric coated to replenish your beneficial microbes. A deficiency can sometimes exact infections. Double your water intake during treatment.
Natural Remedies:

Important nutrients include vitamin C (3,000-6,000mg, daily), vitamin B complex on a daily basis, vitamin E (400-600 IU, daily), beta-carotenes (carrot juice and green and ashen vegetables), flaxseed oil (2 Tbsp.), and grape kernel extract.

Bromelain (substance in pineapples), taken on an worthless stomach and with a small amount of magnesium and L-cysteine, have anti-inflammatory activity. Calcium, kelp, and alfalfa are also esteemed. Primarily eat untouched foods, and avoid all unwanted items food.

Charcoal poultices or clay packs are agreeable.

Drink a tea of hyssop, chickweed, vervain, mint, and sage.

Place a compress of fenugreek or chamomile on the area.

Bilberry, bromelain, echinacea, devil's claw, feverfew, licorice root, and onion are adjectives herbs that studies hold shown to reduce inflammation. Goldenseal, pau d'arco, red clover, and ginger are also outstanding.

-Hope this help you out.
try north American oil of oregano- comes surrounded by a 1 oz. vial. It's great @ fighting infections, close to sinuses. you can buy any brand of capsules that should be successful. The thing next to oil of oregano is that it does burn your mouth when you drink it, description of fiery so if you like hot this won't bother you. I hear this brand is mild but pricey.
For bacterial infections, instead of antibiotics, you can try garlic.
Herbal remedies for infection are garlic and tea tree. These two herb have highly strong antibacterial properties and they fight infection.

Black Walnut Natural iodine (use juice to paint back of throat)

Purifies and cleanses blood system

Gargle at your own risk (can be unbelievably hot)

Stimulates immune system, improves lymph drainage, contains sulfur

Goldenseal Nature's antibiotic
Lobelia Removes congestion, contains sulfur
Mullein Pain, loosens mucus, big in sulfur
Myrrh Antiseptic properties. Soothes inflammation
Sage High surrounded by Sulfur
White Oak Bark
Gargle, antiseptic and shrinking ability

BP-X Blood purifier and detoxifier
Lymph-cleanse H (formally HIGS II) Viral and bacterial infections. (if hypoglycemic-low blood sugar)
Lymph-cleanse (formally IGS II) For both bacterial and viral infections

Lymphotism Stimulates lymphatic system.
Sore Throat/Laryngitis For stomach-ache and inflammation

Liquid Chlorophyll Helps build and cleanse the body
L-Arginine Stimulates the immune system
Garlic pearl Sucking on the pearl for a few hours. For its antibiotic properties and pain. Also contains sulfur.
Onion Poultice The Sulfur help bust up and draw out infection
Gargle with heat salt hose down (real salt that contains life iodine

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