Has anyone read "More Natural Cures Revealed"?

I was watching an infocommerical and he said in attendance we're specific cures in the book and i'm looking for the one for insominia.
does anyone know what it is?

Answers:    I enjoy both of Kevin Trudeau's books as well as tons other books he has recommended and the information contained by those books has changed my time dramatically. I don't know why people get hold of hung up on Trudeau's past, that be 20 years ago. The information, resources and products he has recommended are LIFE SAVING/CHANGING within a positive way. He traveled over 5 million miles adjectives over the world seeking the best products, treatments and techniques on planet planet for curing as well as go enhancing. I personally own became my own doctor, literally, next to what i know now I will never hold a need to be in motion to a doctor/hospital ever again. I literally have not be sick since reading Trudeau's first book, I feel so much better after cleansing and drinking fresh organic foods, I don't grain bogged down and I can really think clearer, I touch tremendously great.

Critics of Keven Trudeau need to in fact do true research, like discussion to scientist and doctors all around the world and certainly see people take cured extremely fast right formerly there eyes, a bit then relying on biased studies and websites that are silently funded by the drug companies. I think folks necessitate to know that the AMA is mostly funded by the drug companies, so the doctors will only know how to do two things and thats surgery or push drugs, they will never know the massive power of internal cleansing, the sun, live life foods, herbs and specialty supplements, oxygen analysis, DMSO therapy, punch healing, frequency health-giving, mind healing, on and on and on. The Drug companies even state that in that only aim is to create ''manegable diseases'', they will never try to truly cure diseases, they have a decriminalized obligation to at hand share holders to have increased continued use of drugs. It's adjectives very interesting. People, please seize informed.

Here is the products he recommends for insomnia.


Cal Mag

Melatonin Liquid Sublingual

Dr. Coldwell's stress reducing technique

Full Spectrum Valerian Extract

Sleeping Earthed

If it isn't a physical problem, but a deep rooted subconscious problem afterwards here is a site that gives powerful technique. You can download the free almanac at the top of the page.

Also if there is strong Electromagnetic Radiation such as a plug surrounded by clock within a couple foot from your bed or an electrical outlet close to your head or a big power electrical system like your home electrical panel or power lines or a satellite dish or cell phone tower or a turned on cell phone close by. These artificial electric area can disrupt the brains ability to function normally/properly. You might necessitate to get a EMR eliminator.

Happy Health
at hand is no cures in book.
All near is is blah blah about how you can go and get those magic cures on his website for second mpnthly fees -an empty bullcrap.
If you want, I hold three of those books - send you over purely to rid my shelf.
Much better are old herbalist books you probably can buy at local antique books - smaller quantity expensive.

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