What's YOUR best cure for a hang down over that's really works for you,?

besides not drinking in the first place?

for some intention,eggs have other been a big element of hangover cures across all cultures. and contained by fact eggs do contain a unquestionable chemical now set to neutralise the effects of alcohol,so it seems that the feeble eggnog remedy or fried eggs the morning after may work well after adjectives! for an upset stomach or nausea,try grating some fresh ginger root into a mug of boiling water and sipping it slowly. colas and fizzy drinks alkalise the sour in the stomach and give a hand to stop the banging sensation contained by your head
There IS no cure for a hangover. I purloin something like a motrin for the headache and tolerate sleep take strictness of the rest.

I was going to speak ...

I do not drink to get drunk within the first place!
However, I do drink occasionally...
Not drinking at all or if you beyond doubt have to drink, consequently drink in moderation. A few drinks are more than plenty to have a obedient time with friends, but any more than that and you're risking a hang-over.
if you drink beer that hours of darkness drink it when you get up and you will not enjoy a hang over
very well, taking a little of what you have the night you drank. swear it works for me. i hold a small shot when i wake up contained by the morning with that sick, sick headache. after awhile it go away.

but there's an exception - beer.
Tomato Juice! It really ain't the "Vodka in the Bloody Mary within the morning!", but the Licopene in the Tomato Juice, V-8, or Clamato liquid I swear by it. Good Luck!

I have to agree beside drinking LOTS of water, but that will singular help contained by preventing or minimizing the progression of a hang over. But if you call for a cure (after it's too late for the prevention), I haven't found anything to compare to a moral old cup (or more) of tomato juice!
hangover are caused from dehydration. the brain is dry. before you move about to bed if you are coherent enough attain a jug of sea. pound most of it down. when you wake up during the hours of darkness drink some more. you will wake up fancy ten times better than if you did not.
Drink as much water as you can up to that time you go to bed. In the morning, adjectives panadol should help if it's needed. Maybe a drink of lemonade, too.
drink some pickle liquid
drunken sex... followed by morning hangover sex... helps seriously!
I drink a lot of hose down right before I progress to bed I mean abundantly, as much as you can handle. believe me it works and it's a bit uncountable at first but the bloating passion goes away.
drink greatly of cold water next take two tylenol!
it works for me!
You will be amazed!Try 2 teaspoons of honey and inwardly 30 minutes,you will notice a positive modify.
This worked for me:
After I stopped drinking I no longer had hangover.
beer before liquior never be sicker liquior before beer surrounded by the clear.....I guess that doesn't help you know but subsequent time it will.....Other than thatnothing really don't try painkillers they will make it worse unless they are the right ones and I can't remember which are right for that.
You measure me to the punch. Drinking alcohol depletes the body of water and B-vitamins.

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