Any NAET practitioners out within?

I am very interested contained by becoming certified with NAET. Just wondering if in attendance are any independent practitioners out there. How much does the training cost . . . How much does one of the machines cost . . .

It's only an idea that I hold begun to ply. I am amazed at the difference that it has made contained by my life and would love to acquire into this field!

Hi, I enjoy trained with Devi Nambudripad. contained by Atlanta and L.A. at her clinic.

In order to receive training you must be a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or md. I did congregate some nurse practitioners, but general nurses are not qualified to receive training unless they be practicing with an md.

The cost is around $500 for the undeveloped weekend training course. Subsequent courses for advanced training are around $600 per weekend.

There is no "machine" necessary; I only just used my hands to apply pressure to the acupuncture points that are indicated. My training is Acupuncture, and we hold years of point location training. The other practitioners used an electronic device that costs about $700 (but some of the practitioners in recent times used a $25 back massager from Walmart next to great success)

The vials used in practice cost roughly speaking $2.50 each and my first set run about $150.

The technique have helped so masses of my patients, and I hope that you can receive the training you need!
I'm currently within the process of completing the NAET treatment. Just wanted to explain to you that I am very excited around it and wanted to instil you to become a practitioner. I read Dr. Nambudripad (sp) book and it is very exciting. Good luck surrounded by completing your training and starting a practice.

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