My 1 1/2 year dated have yo know any home remedies?

thank you.

The BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.
B.R.A.T. diet= bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. also jello water added to this.
There is other the BRAT.but I let it run its course. Unless here is a high confusion present, then I would stir to the Dr.
B.R.A.T. diet. I also give my babe mint tea (yerbabuena in spanish). This help soothe the stomach. If you don't know what that is try chamomile tea, but similar to someone else said, just tolerate it take it's course unless your child has restlessness or it continues for more than 3 days. Make sure to give your babe enough sips of river throughout the day.
I agree next to all of the remedies timetabled by others. In addition, you might want to buy some Pedialyte to replace fluid/electrolytes. Babies can become scarily dehydrated tremendously quickly from diarrhea. Hope the little one is hunch better soon. Regards.
Hi! I have four children and enjoy found that the best thing is simply rice hose down. Rice is known to be a great binder. Boil two table spoons of rice surrounded by 2 cups of water on milieu to low fire until the rice is all soft and you enjoy about partially a cup of liquid vanished in the container. Let it cool and strain the liquid into a cup, join baby's favorite drink and let him/her drink it adjectives. If the problem persists, try indistinguishable amount of rice water again but don't overdo or you'll draw from the opposite effect. Best of luck!
I agree near all the other answers. There is also a more hand on approach. Try manually manipulating your child's intestinal tract. In lay manner terms it's a colon mould, or, better yet, a belly rub!

For diarrhea, you'll want to jump in the conflicting direction of the natural flow of things. Which routine you'll want to rub up the abdomen on the vanished side from the hip to the ribs (the descending colon). Then from left to right below the ribs (the transverse colon). Then finally, on the right side of the tummy, move from the ribs down to the hips (the ascending colon). The pressure does not have to be that open, but firm would be helpful.

For constipation, it's simply the reverse of above.

You can do that several times a day, within fact you may even know how to teach your child to do that him/herself.
Be discreet with children that immature. Diarrhea can be serious in such a small child. Avoid sharp foods (tomatoes, oranges etc) but call the doc if it isn't better contained by a day.

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