About treating cancer by intake crab and lobster?

hello friends, a friend of mine who is a chemist has analyzed anti-cancer chemio drugs and have found its basic substances within crab and lobster, he claims that those who r suffering from cancer can replace chemo-therapy by eating crab and lobster. do u guys own any idea give or take a few this claim?

Well, I've had lots of chemo and theres alot of things that you sure can't devour! I have AML and I've hear of alot of things but I think I'd research this a touch bit farther if I were sick. I know that after I have left Vanderbilt after adjectives my chemo treatments were over I couldn't ever touch the peelings sour bananas, potatos, any veggies, so you need to check it out.
Must be strictly coincidence...I'm from Southern Louisiana and 2 of my grandpaws and an aunt died from cancer and we guzzle a lot of the deep foods.
Well, I wouldn't bet my life on it. I'm going into my second chemo treatment after 5 yrs and what I've found out is that your body does better if it's alkaline. Crab and lobster are bitter base so my first response would be "NO".
As, a dietitian, I can really voice base on experienced that cancer can be treat defending on how strong our immune system, if your intake balance diet, and positive outlook within life that you can combat this vivacity treathening disease..but having said on how we must hang on to our immune system strong we must nourish it next to proper nutrition by eating the right character of foods like cactus MILLENIUM made of over 10,000 phytochemicals that boost up our imperviousness and also eating NUTRIACT made of 5 different mushrooms such as maitake, shiitake, ganoderma, coriolus bersiculor, and 1 more mushroom i forgot the exact designation... that really help within boosting up our immunity a ggod source of polysscharide if you want to know more,, please email me_ vengcasil08@yahoo.com

Irvina C. Ramos,RND
possibly it is positive but the said chemical is not readily available to cure once you devour the cooked lobster.one positive means of curing that disorder is magnetotheraphy and veg,fruit diet!

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