Can anyone report to me if medicaid within New Mexico will payment for medicinal marijuana?

I suffer from chronic pain and my doctor lately informed me that medicinal marijuana became officially recognized in New Mexico and I may be a devout candidate.The problem next to this is, I am on medicaid because I can not afford to pay out of pocket for my prescriptions, so obviously this creates a problem for me as the cost of a days supply of this medication will cost around $60.00. So, if anyone out there can pass me an answer to my question I would greatly appreciate it.

My mother have glaucoma and they offered it to her but she turned them down.

They DO give it for aunt was offered it when she have cancer because nothing be working and the doctors wanted her as comfortable as they could bring back her.

But, you have to be surrounded by A LOT of pain for that so I dunno. Call up your company the number should be on your card.
Get a f**king situation or go final to school Einstein. Doctors don't prescribe marijuana for dull pain relief its not classified as an analgesic or a narcotic. If you really suffer from chronic headache you would more than likely be on Lortab or Oxy-contin. If your looking for a dumb-*** to believe your bs, at least possible research it and tell the usual lie" I enjoy glaucoma".
I couldn't find anything on a google search. I imagine you should ask your doctor if medicaid pays for it, or give them a call for yourself. I hope you can get the pills that you need. =]

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