Anyone know anything roughly speaking Psychology & Holistic Health?

I'm an undergrad psychology major and vigour & human wellness minor, and I'm planning to become a psychologist specializing in behavioral abnormality, but I'm also really interested in holistic condition. Are there various occupations or work environments that integrate the two things? Any adjectives information?


My name is Regina and I also majored contained by psychology and then go on to receive my Holistic Health Counselor certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I also will be going stern for my PhD in Clinical psychology, most plausible in the crash down of 2009 or 2010.

I lead a yahoo group and study group through the Alumni Association of the Institute for Integrative nutrition, and I can relate you there are copious of us interested in expanding upon this corral and building it to become more mainstream next to additional professional opportunity. Right now, however, the opportunity available are independently made.

I am also founding a school that will inaugurate taking students in the Fall of 2008. This academy, The Institute for Integrative Mental Health will be educating both mental health professionals and holistic condition counselors to work in this paddock. As a graduate, you would automatically be included in the referral framework that I am establishing across the country to promote this work.

Advertising for the school, and information interested to the public is scheduled to be released at the start of October 2007, so you are one of the first to learn of this upcoming opportunity.

If you are interested within possibly enrolling surrounded by this program, I HIGHLY recommend you contact me ASAP and look into the current professional training program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for this year as a prerequisite of my program.

Please contact me with any further questions, as I own made it my personal mission to promote this integrative field of mental form.

Regina Bordieri, CHHC
Geez, this is tough. I can't think of a single article. Perhaps you could be a practicing psychologist, but also a licensed hypnotherapist. Or also a practitioner of Reiki. Or maybe even someone who is trained to initiate meditation techniques.
Not really, Miller, but I don't see why you can't start a trial practice filled next to help on both fronts. Do your internship and afterwards strike out on your own. Incorporate your interest in Holistic robustness with your propensity and talent for behavioral health. It should build for an interesting position in duration. Working with ethnic group and finding what works best for them is always a flout, but it's worth the effort!

Have fun near what you do and you can't go wrong when you follow your heart. There are lots of holistic practitioners out in that, just incorporate your expertise to what they already do. I know that there have to be a calling for it if you're interested in it. Forge a up to date trail and best of luck!

You might check into Rosalyn Bruyere, she is a psychic who reads auras, and works next to the UCLA medical center doing research. She has a book out entitled, "Wheels of Light" that might point you surrounded by the right direction or at least offer you some ideas. I studied beneath her back within the 80's and she's a wonderful teacher.

I hope this help. Best of luck on your new jaunt!
Hypnotherapy can be a very usefull optional extra.

You will find some helpful information on the following relation.

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