Can anyone share me where on earth i can study alternative medecine online?

Here are 3 websites that has excellent information roughly speaking alternative medicine
Don't know the website but type within Dr. Weil. I think he's truly got a few websites. The info can be trusted and verified and he's be around for years and is the authority and leader when it comes to alternative drug. There are usually links to where you can study to become a practitioner of some sort. Good for you!

they both angelic facts but its not a school if thats what your looking for. also, have podcasts.

they have a correspondence course, upon completion you can appropriate the anma test to become liscensed.

I've be buying product from them for years, very big quality and exceptional customer service. I'm considering the course as all right.
There are so many.

Many Hypnotherapy Schools do home study courses.

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